It’s difficult to sit by an watch someone you love fall into the darkness of depression, knowing that there isn’t much you can do. This short verse was something I used to help me make sense of how it feels to be beside bipolar.

As you look into their eyes you see no light;

no spark, no flame, no internal life.

While their heart still beats and their brain still ticks;

the person you love, is so deathly sick.

You touch their hand to show you’re there;

no signs of life, no sole to share.

You speak their name and love them so;

no response, no change, nowhere to go.

The pain they feel so deep inside;

you’re a helpless passenger, just standing by.

You beg and plead, to the powers to be;

that no one will take, them away from thee.

Beside bipolar, from the start to the end;

committed to love and my very best friend.

Beside Bipolar