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Something that I suck at is asking for help. When I’m well I find it so hard to do, but when I’m depressed it’s damn near impossible. I can’t tell you how I’m feeling, what I want to eat, when I want to go to bed. It is simply far too hard to tell you […]

From the Heart of Scott

In 1995 I said to my soul mate ‘Till death do us part’- little did I know that 10 years later I would find myself sitting next to Rachael watching her soul drift away right before my eyes. I just couldn’t believe that I was losing her after such a short time together. I remember […]

My First Manic Episode

I have a confession to make. I enjoyed the hell out of my manic episodes! They were destructive and soul destroying but I have never in my life felt so high and so energetic. It’s like a drug. You feel ten foot tall and completely bullet proof. Nothing can bring you down. You can achieve […]

Golden Rule 5 – Plan and do activities that make you feel good

The fifth golden rule is all about setting a plan for the day and including fun activities that are going to help you get moving and off the dreaded depression couch.

Six-foot-tall and Bulletproof

In the middle of 2018 I crashed so hard that this time, I ended up in a psychiatric hospital. How did I let this beast slip back in? The answer is obvious, I broke my golden rules. Number three to be precise.

My First Depressive Episode

I was fifteen years old when I had my first encounter with the dark demon of depression. Previously I had been a well-loved, well-adjusted kid who grew up in the country and spent weekends riding my horse and hanging out with childhood friends.

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