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Draw Your Weapon

When I was first diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2 disorder back in 2008 I became very vigilant about taking my medication. I made sure that I took the tablets that I was prescribed and I made sure that I took them at about the same time every day. So rarely would I miss a day’s […]

Did you sign up for this?

Something that I suck at is asking for help. When I’m well I find it so hard to do, but when I’m depressed it’s damn near impossible. I can’t tell you how I’m feeling, what I want to eat, when I want to go to bed. It is simply far too hard to tell you […]

Golden Rule 2 – Move & Exercise

I have a confession to make, I hate exercise. Always have, possibly always will. I have tried just about every type of exercise and very little excites me. So, to get me moving I needed some sort of incentive like a good cup of coffee or one of my mums’ slices.

What’s Normal

I once heard the great Stephen Fry say that if given the opportunity he wouldn’t choose to live without his bipolar. He thought that bipolar made up who he was and stimulated the creative side of his soul. I’ve often wondered if I agreed with him. All I have ever wanted is to be a normal person. My husband Scott tells me all the time that I am normal, I just have an illness that affects the way I live sometimes.

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