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Who’s Driving Your Bus?

A little bit of fear is a good thing. It keeps us safe and tells us when to run. But have you ever been so afraid that you are paralysed into inaction. And worse, has that fear been completely and utterly irrational? If this sounds like you, then maybe you have let fear drive your […]

From the Heart of Scott

In 1995 I said to my soul mate ‘Till death do us part’- little did I know that 10 years later I would find myself sitting next to Rachael watching her soul drift away right before my eyes. I just couldn’t believe that I was losing her after such a short time together. I remember […]

My First Manic Episode

I have a confession to make. I enjoyed the hell out of my manic episodes! They were destructive and soul destroying but I have never in my life felt so high and so energetic. It’s like a drug. You feel ten foot tall and completely bullet proof. Nothing can bring you down. You can achieve […]

Six-foot-tall and Bulletproof

In the middle of 2018 I crashed so hard that this time, I ended up in a psychiatric hospital. How did I let this beast slip back in? The answer is obvious, I broke my golden rules. Number three to be precise.

My First Depressive Episode

I was fifteen years old when I had my first encounter with the dark demon of depression. Previously I had been a well-loved, well-adjusted kid who grew up in the country and spent weekends riding my horse and hanging out with childhood friends.

My Safe Harbor

In 1993 I attended the University of Queensland. In the beginning I loved the lifestyle and I found the study to be rewarding and challenging. Just when things were going well, the dark demon rears his ugly head and life comes crashing down around me. This time it was the cold hand of anxiety. Yet out of the darkness came my light.

About Me

If we are going to take this journey together, I feel it only right that I let you know a little bit about me and what has brought me to this point. Grab a coffee and get comfortable while I share with you my life living with bipolar.

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