Hello friends. In this long and sometimes arduous journey that we call life, we can often feel overwhelmed and engulfed by stress. Obstacles appear on our path and sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. When you suffer from a mental illness, it is times like this that you have to be so very careful. You have to bunker down and protect yourself as much as possible and you have to make a commitment to take really good care of yourself. For me, I must meditate and go for a walk. I must do things that I enjoy and I must make the effort to fill my positive bucket. I must brush my hair. And I must rest. Nothing sends me into a downward spiral like lack of sleep.

And that my friends is what I’ve been working on these last few weeks. I’ve not been paying attention to my blog and I’ve not been keeping up with communications and feedback. I hope I’ve not disappointed too much. But I have been very busy navigating stress and doing all of things that I have been preaching in order to stay well.

One of the most crucial tools in negotiating stress is the support from family and friends. Not only do we need others to help us when we’re struggling, but allowing someone to help you is one of the kindest and most generous things you can do for someone. People that love you can see your pain and they want to do something, anything to help. And It’s ok to ask for help. It takes strength and it takes courage. And is the beginning of the journey back to wellness and is a crucial part of staying well.

So forgive me friends if I don’t get to release my usual weekly blog post. I’m honestly not sure how long I will be knee deep in self care but I do know that I am going to stay well and I will be back more inspired and enthusiastic than ever. Can you please do me a favour while I’m absent? Can you please take care of you. Do all of those things that keep you well and make you feel good. Fill your fun bucket and find your joy. Immerse yourself in your family and friends. And always seek help if you need it. Until next time, take care my friends.