The main reasons behind my blog is to demystify mental illness and show people that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Another reason is to help families, friends, partners and carers understand what it’s like living with a mental illness and how they can support their loved ones.

Rachael Timmins - Mental Health Advocate

Back in 2006 I attended my first Toastmaster meeting because I wanted to develop my public speaking skills. I did this because I wanted to tell my story of living with, and surviving mental illness.

Today I am available to speak to any organisation, community groups or mental health support networks about the challenges of living with mental illness and what we can all do to get through this together.

My presentations are raw and to the point, you will share both my highs and lows. Most importantly, i will share with you some of the strategies I have used over the years to get through this.

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